Explain like they’re five.

Keeping it simple, without dumbing it down – it’s a balance between not showing off,Param Yoga, Pune: website content “I am the guru” and treating the reader with respect. Simplifying complex processes and thoughts in my mind is the first step towards writing easily graspable content for you.

The process of writing begins with understanding. I find myself breaking down the complexities of your organisation, your thoughts, your philosophies into understandable bits.

Walnut School: Teaching guide for Scoical Sciences, 8th gradeHere, having domain knowledge in only a few topics comes to my aid. I am almost always going to be an ‘outsider’ to your field or business—an outsider who brings a fresh perspective and who understands concepts with the curiosity of a child.

This process allows me to bring out what you want to say succinctly, like say profound yoga philosophies. Or if you want me to elaborate the way our judiciary works for 8th graders.

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*Please note all assignments require all three steps, and in most cases, they run in parallel. Sample content/images are just a glimpse of the points made here.

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