Express with clarity.

YouStory: FinTech vs TechFin by Krishna Iyer and Meeta KabraShort sentences are good. But a combination of short sentences don’t necessarily always explain complicated things well. Expressing the thought with as little room for misinterpretation is a part of good content writing. This is the crux, the middle act of all my writing assignments.

Once I have a preliminary understanding of your content and I have simplified it for myself, comes the process of categorising, sub-categorising and putting the categories together coherently. The structure brings articulation. And of course, the articulation refines the structure further.Deep Griha Society - Internal documentation for Balewadi/Creche programmes

This back and forth goes a long way in making the content crisp and yet complete. Indeed, it is the same process that culminates into an article on, “FinTech vs. TechFin” or the internal documents of a programme run by an NGO.

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*Please note all assignments require all three steps and in most cases they run in parallel. Sample content/images are just a glimpse of the point being made here.

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